M.ORO Intelligent Yarn Factory – Digitized, Intelligent, Environmental

The first phase of the spinning plant covers an area of 265.56 acres. It is located on the south side of Huigong Avenue and on the west side of Helan Road. The construction started at the end of July 2017 and It is planned to build the production workshops including the annex which cover an area of 160,264.95 ㎡.

The Attitude of Herdsmen

Grassland is the cradle of life, and also is the foundation where the herdsmen rely on. Lives can be carried on and joyous thanks to the gift of grassland, while the grassland become vivid and energetic because of herdsmen’s devotion. Cashmere is the essence from goats, therefore, goats are the family member and also the nature’s gift to herdsmen, to help them make the living and resist the cold.

Italian Textile Craftsmanship in China

In order to launch the Italian cashmere spinning technology in China, M.ORO has hired Mr. Giacomo Coda Zabetta, the Italian expert in cashmere spinning to be the site engineer to provide technical guidance. Mr. Giacomo Coda Zabetta is responsible for the cashmere spinning sector of the M.ORO plant, bringing the Italian cashmere spinning skills to M.ORO and help to forge the plant with genuine Italian craftsmanship.

Giacomo Coda Zabetta

The experienced Italian cashmere yarn spinning engineer.

Giacomo Coda Zabetta

The experienced Italian cashmere yarn spinning engineer.

MES System Digital Workshop - Visual Dynamic Management

Introducing Italy's leading international spinning production line, hiring Italian ROBIN MARIN and GLENNA RIMMER top yarn designers to gradually promote intelligent operation. Through the MES spinning production online collection and execution system, the automatic collection information is docked with the ERP system, automatically generate VWM production real-time kanban information, intelligent monitoring, intelligent early warning, intelligent scheduling, increase operating efficiency, reduce communication costs, and highly integrated LTS site The whole process of logistics tracking, chain traceability management, avoiding information islands, full-time collaborative operation, deep integration of industrial automation and informationization, laying a solid technological foundation and operating environment for the production of M.ORO fine yarn.

Environmental Benchmarking Modern Dyeing Factory

The first phase of the modern dyeing plant under construction is 9250m2. 52 sets (sets) of Italian LAVER automatic dyeing system and American dyeing color measuring instruments have been purchased. All equipment will be installed in April and the daily production capacity will be 10~12. A large-scale intelligent dyeing factory with an annual production capacity of 1,200 tons. The color matching system adopts the latest Datacolor system of the United States. The sample color tester is the Rapid ECO Dyer automatic color test machine. The drip system is the Italian LAWER TD-LABV4 automatic drip system, which is matched with the new Qingdao Jingjia company automatic sample drawing. The system can quickly sample and transfer, and realize zero difference of large sample. In the construction of a modern sewage treatment plant with a sewage treatment capacity of 2,000 tons, it will lead the printing and dyeing industry benchmark, achieve efficient production, green production, clean production, and escort the healthy operation of the factory. Using the advanced ORGATEX central control integrated system, it can intelligently connect and direct the automatic weighing and automatic auxiliary conveying system of imported LAWER dyes from Italy, and can collect and collect the production information of each machine. After dyeing, it is dried by RF dryer to ensure the uniformity of drying and protect the cashmere fiber from damage. Fully automatic, intelligent dyeing sample and large-scale dyeing production equipment, supplemented by advanced color matching and central control production management system, realize a new intelligent factory with automation, intelligence, integration and coordination.